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This year Ashbury's Aromatherapy marks its 25th year in business, providing quality products and service to the natural wellness market. 

In 2005, Ashbury's merged with Colour Energy. The consolidation opened up the company's position in the international wellness industry as a leader in colour and aroma therapy.

The union with Colour Energy has created the opportunity for Ashbury's to expand and offer a wider range of products. Our goal is to continue to provide the best service, the optimum therapeutic aromatherapy products to our clients; ensure quality and purity control; and to persist in sourcing out the most natural and highest grade essential oils, carrier oils and body care products.

We help provide an income source to workers while contributing to the economical growth in disadvantaged countries. At the same time, we empower people through self-knowledge, education and access to our chemical-free products that supports their wellness. 

Family owned and operated, our products are pure, unadulterated,  internationally sourced, holistic-minded, with no chemicals or preservatives and double tested for the highest quality control. 

Certificates of Analysis available by request. We are stronger together and appreciate your loyalty to our brand.

We Specialize in:

- Competitive back bar pricing: Everything aromatherapy from Salts to Essential Oils, Synergy Blends, Massage Oils, Body Care and much more!

- Hundreds of natural retail products for private labelling – double your profits while gaining a reputation of awesome products.

- Custom-made signature oils which we can infuse into your Scrubs, Massage Oils, Lotions, Salts, etc.

- Complete Private Label Service from start to finish

- Promotional and Seasonal Products 

- Manufacturing

- Advanced Holistic Courses and Technology

- Ongoing support, education and coaching

Customer Guarantee:
We promise to always try to present to our shoppers aromatherapy products that are made with the purest and highest quality ingredients. We strive to provide the best customer service possible and to always offer you therapeutic quality essential oils and quality made aromatherapy tools.

Support Services

Our staff is available to help you Monday to Friday between 8:00am - 4:30pm (PST).
Ashbury's provides free information brochures with every order. If you would like to be automatically emailed our quarterly newsletter, please let us know.

We look forward to doing business with you!
The Ashbury's Team 


1 x Starter Essential Oil Kit
1 x Eucalyptus (Glob) 10ml
1 x Lavender 10ml
1 x Heavely Scent Ionizing Diffuser Rectangle
1 x Peppermint 10ml
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01.Black Cap w/din non T/E (18mm)
02.White Mister (20-410)
03.Amber Bottle 10ml (18mm)
04.Amber Bottle 5ml (18mm)
05.Blue Cosmo Ovals 60ml/2oz (20-410)
06.Blue Cosmo Ovals 120ml/4oz (20-410)
07.Black Cap w/din T/E (18mm)
08.White Lock Top (20-410)
09.Clear Vial w/rollon White Cap 10ml (1/3oz)
10.White Cap w/din non T/E (18mm)