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All Products
Product Name Model Price  
100ml Cardamom (Elettaria Cardamonum)$199.99
100mls Copaiba (Copaifera officinalis)$69.99
10ml Aniseed (Pimpinella anisum)$15.90
10ml Cardamom (Elettaria Cardamonum)$29.99
10ml Copaiba (Copaifera officinalis)$18.99
30ml Aniseed (Pimpinella anisum)$19.99
30ml Cardamom (Elettaria Cardamonum)$79.99
30ml Copaiba (Copaifera officinalis)$25.99
50ml Cardamom (Elettaria Cardamonum)$99.99
50ml Copaiba (Copaifera officinalis)$39.99
5ml Aniseed (Pimpinella anisum)$9.99
5ml Cardamom (Elettaria Cardamonum)$8.99
5ml Copaiba (Copaifera officinalis)$10.99
A Little Book of Aromatherapybooklba$29.99
Amber Bottle 1 Litre (28-400)40-0960-28400$9.00
Amber Bottle 100ml (18mm)40-0100-00018$1.59
Amber Bottle 10ml (18mm)40-0010-00018$0.76
Amber Bottle 15ml (18mm)40-0015-00018$0.78
Amber Bottle 250ml (28-400)40-0250-24400$2.20
Amber Bottle 30ml (18mm)40-0030-00018$0.89
Amber Bottle 473ml (28-400)40-0500-28400$4.00
Amber Bottle 50ml (18mm)40-0050-00018$0.99
Amber Bottle 5ml (18mm)40-0005-00018$0.79
Amber Cosmo Round 120ml (24-410)$0.74
Amber Vial 1 dram (13-425)40-0003-13425$1.99
Amber Vial 1/2 dram - 5/8 dram (13-425)40-0002-13425$1.99
Anti Aging Face & Eye Serum60814$59.99
Anxiety Release$12.99
Apricot Kernel Oil 1 ltr12-ako-0120$31.99
Apricot Kernel Oil 120ml12-ako-0120$7.99
Apricot Kernel Oil 240ml12-ako-0240$12.59
Apricot Kernel Oil 4 ltr12-ako-4000$117.99
Apricot Kernel Oil 500ml12-ako-0500$21.90
Argan Oil 1 litre12-arg-1000$239.99
Argan Oil 30ml12-arg-0030$13.99
Argan Oil 4 litre12-arg-4000$679.99
Argan Oil 50ml12-arg-0050$17.99
Arnica 15% Almond Oil 10ml02-a10-0010$10.99
Arnica 15% in Almond Oil 5ml02-a10-0005$6.99
AromaSens Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Nebilizer - Black60633$79.99
AromaShell Electric Diffuser for the Home60607$41.99
Aromatherapy Chart$11.99
Aromatherapy for Womenbooks$43.90
Avocado Oil 1 litre12-avo-1000$67.99
Avocado Oil 120ml12-avo-0120$11.99
Avocado Oil 240ml12-avo-0240$19.99
Avocado Oil 4 litre12-avo-4000$231.99
Basil 100ml02-bas-0100$37.99
Basil 10ml02-bas-0010$11.99
Basil 250ml02-bas-0250$49.99
Basil 30ml02-bas-0030$28.99
Basil 50ml02-bas-0050$32.99
Basil 5ml02-ba-0005$7.99
Benzoin 50% in dispersant 10ml02-b50-0010$18.99
Benzoin 50% in dispersant 50ml02-b50-0050$59.99
Benzoin 50% in Dispersant 5ml02-b50-0005$11.00
Bergamot 100ml02-ber-0100$65.99
Bergamot 10ml02-ber-0010$16.99
Bergamot 250ml02-ber-0250$99.99
Bergamot 30ml02-ber-0030$36.99
Bergamot 50ml02-ber-0050$48.99
Bergamot 5ml02-ber-0005$9.99
Birch (Sweet) 100ml02-bir-0100$55.99
Birch (Sweet) 10ml02-bir-0010$9.99
Birch (Sweet) 250ml02-bir-0250$79.99
Birch (Sweet) 30ml02-bir-0030$29.99
Birch (Sweet) 50ml02-bir-0050$39.99
Birch (Sweet) 5ml02-bir-0005$7.99
Black Cap w/din non T/E (18mm)70-cnte-00018$0.42
Black Cap w/din T/E (18mm)70-cpte-00018$0.56
Black Disc Cap (20-410)70-disc-20410$0.36
Black Disc Cap (24-410)70-disc-24410$0.32
Black Mister (20-410)70-mist-20410$1.32
Black Mister (24-410)70-mist-24410$1.22
Black Pepper 100ml02-bpr-0100$107.99
Black Pepper 10ml02-bpr-0010$15.99
Black Pepper 250ml02-bpr-0250$243.99
Black Pepper 30ml02-bpr-0030$38.99
Black Pepper 50ml02-bpr-0050$59.99
Black Pepper 5ml02-bpr-0005$9.99
Black Phenolic Cap (20-400)70-phen-20400$0.50
Black Phenolic Cap (24-400)70-phen-24400$0.55
Black Phenolic Cap (28-400)70-phen-28400$0.60
Black Phenolic Caps (22-400)$0.50
Blue Bottle 10ml (18mm)42-0010-00018$1.40
Blue Bottle 120ml (24-400)42-0120-24400$2.80
Blue Bottle 30ml (18mm)42-0030-00018$2.00
Blue Bottle 5ml (18mm)42-0005-00018$1.32
Blue Bottle 60ml (20-400)42-0060-20400$1.52
Blue Cosmo Ovals 120ml/4oz (20-410)52-0120-20410$1.20
Blue Cosmo Ovals 240ml/8oz (24-410)52-0240-24410$1.92
Blue Cosmo Ovals 30ml/1oz (20-410)52-0030-20410$1.76
Blue Cosmo Ovals 60ml/2oz (20-410)52-0060-20410$0.80
Blue Cosmo Round 4oz (20-410)50-0120-20410$1.70
Blue Cosmo Round 8oz (24-410)50-0240-24410$1.80
Blue Throat Chakra Oil Blend40034$11.98
Bubble Bath Unscented 1 ltr22-bbth-1000$58.99
Bubble Bath Unscented 240ml22-bbth-0240$15.00
Bubble Bath Unscented 4 ltr22-bbth-4000$117.99
Bubble Bath Unscented 500ml22-bth-0120$19.99
Cajaput 10ml02-caj-0010$7.99
Cajaput 5ml02-caj-0005$6.99
Camphor White 10ml12-cam-0010$9.99
Camphor White 5ml02-cam-0005$7.99
Car Diffuser60606$17.99
Car Diffuser Refill Pads - 10 pads per pack60610$5.99
Carrot Seed 100ml02-car-0100$105.99
Carrot Seed 10ml02-car-0010$15.99
Carrot Seed 250ml02-car-0250$237.99
Carrot Seed 30ml02-car-0030$38.99
Carrot Seed 50ml02-car-0050$57.99
Carrot Seed 5ml02-car-0005$11.99
Cedarwood (Atlas) 100ml02-cwa-0100$42.99
Cedarwood (Atlas) 10ml02-cwa-0010$10.99
Cedarwood (Atlas) 250ml02-cwa-0250$61.99
Cedarwood (Atlas) 30ml02-cwa-0030$26.99
Cedarwood (Atlas) 50ml02-cwa-0050$30.99
Cedarwood (Atlas) 5ml02-cwa-0005$6.99
Cedarwood 100ml02-cwd-0100$34.99
Cedarwood 10ml02-cwd-0010$10.99
Cedarwood 250ml02-cwd-0250$42.99
Cedarwood 30ml02-cwd-0030$26.99
Cedarwood 50ml02-cwd-0050$30.99
Cedarwood 5ml02-cwd-0005$6.99
Chakra Blend Brochure$2.99
Chakra Chart$12.99
Cham (Blue) 10ml02-ceb-0010$125.99
Cham (Blue) 2ml02-ceb-0002$36.99
Cham (Blue) 30ml02-ceb-0030$285.99
Cham (Blue) 50ml02-ceb-0050$379.99
Cham (Blue) 5ml02-ceb-0005$75.99
Chamomile (Roman) 10% 100ml02-c10-0100$111.00
Chamomile (Roman) 10% 10ml02-c10-0010$16.99
Chamomile (Roman) 10% 250ml02-c10-0250$185.99
Chamomile (Roman) 10% 30ml02-c10-0030$36.99
Chamomile (Roman) 10% 50ml02-c10-0050$56.99
Chamomile (Roman) 10% 5ml02-c10-0005$9.99
Chamomile (Roman) 10ml02-cer-0010$99.99
Chamomile (Roman) 2ml02-cer-0002$23.99
Chamomile (Roman) 30ml02-ce-0030$269.99
Chamomile (Roman) 5ml02-cer-0005$55.99
Champa 100ml02-cha-0100$269.99
Champa 10ml02-cha-0010$27.99
Champa 250ml02-cha-0250$491.99
Champa 30ml02-cha-0030$96.99
Champa 50ml02-cha-0050$149.99
Champa 5ml02-cha-0005$16.99
Chi Energy$12.99
Cinnamon 100ml02-cin-0100$48.99
Cinnamon 10ml02-cin-0010$9.99
Cinnamon 250ml02-cin-0250$69.99
Cinnamon 30ml02-cin-0030$25.99
Cinnamon 50ml02-cin-0050$34.99
Cinnamon 5ml02-cin-0005$7.99
Citronella 100ml02-cit-0100$39.99
Citronella 10ml02-cit-010$10.99
Citronella 250ml02-ct-0250$55.99
Citronella 30ml02-cit-0030$20.99
Citronella 50ml02-cit-0050$27.99
Citronella 5ml02-cit-0005$6.99
Clary Sage 100ml02-csg-0100$113.99
Clary Sage 10ml02-csg-0010$15.99
Clary Sage 250ml02-csg-0250$206.99
Clary Sage 30ml02-csg-0030$40.99
Clary Sage 50ml02-csg-0050$62.99
Clary Sage 5ml02-csg-0005$9.99
Clear Cosmo Ovals 120ml/4oz (20-410)54-0120-20410$0.80
Clear Cosmo Ovals 240ml/8oz (24-410)54-0240-24410$1.19
Clear Cosmo Ovals 60ml/2oz (20-410)54-0060-20410$0.58
Clear Cosmo Rounds 240ml/8oz (24-410)55-0240-24410$1.25
Clear Cosmo Rounds 500ml/16oz (24-410)55-0500-24410$3.19
Clear Cosmo Rounds 60ml/2oz (20-410)55-0060-20410$0.76
Clear Jar with Dome White Lid 16oz/480ml60-jlid-00480$2.90
Clear Plastic Jar with Clear Black-Rimmed Lid - 10ml60-0010-cpjcl$1.49
Clear Vial w/rollon Black Cap 10ml (1/3oz)44-010b-00012$1.90
Clear Vial w/rollon Black Cap 5ml (1/6oz)44-005b-00012$1.90
Clear Vial w/rollon White Cap 10ml (1/3oz)44-010w-00012$1.90
Clear Vial w/rollon White Cap 5ml (1/6oz)44-005w-00012$1.90
Clovebud 100ml02-clo-0100$61.99
Clovebud 10ml02-clo-0010$13.99
Clovebud 250ml02-clo-0250$87.99
Clovebud 30ml02-clo-0030$32.99
Clovebud 50ml02-clo-0050$42.99
Clovebud 5ml02-clo-0005$8.99
Cobalt Blue Frosted Roll-on Bottle & Black Cap 10ml44-010cfbbl-00012$3.99
Cobalt Blue Frosted Roll-on Bottle w/White cap (10ml)44-010-cfbwh-00012$3.99
Coconut Oil (fractionated) 1 ltr12-coc-1000$43.99
Coconut Oil (fractionated) 120ml12-coc-0120$9.99
Coconut Oil (fractionated) 240ml12-coc-0240$15.99
Coconut Oil (fractionated) 4 ltr12-coc-4000$149.99
Coconut Oil (fractionated) 500ml12-coc-0500$27.99
Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy43282$59.90
Conditioner Unscented 1 ltr22-cond-1000$25.99
Conditioner Unscented 240ml22-cond-0240$10.99
Conditioner Unscented 4 ltr22-cnd-4000$85.99
Conditioner Unscented 500ml22-cond-0500$15.99
Coriander 100ml02-cor-0100$153.99
Coriander 10ml02-cor-0010$31.99
Coriander 30ml02-cor-0030$80.99
Coriander 50ml02-cor-0050$107.99
Coriander 5ml02-cor-0005$19.99
Cypress 100ml02-cyp-0100$78.99
Cypress 10ml02-cyp-0010$15.99
Cypress 250ml02-cyp-0250$111.99
Cypress 30ml02-cyp-0030$41.99
Cypress 50ml02-cyp-0050$54.99
Cypress 5ml02-cyp-0005$9.99
Dead Sea Salts, Course Grain - 100g Bag60721$3.49
Dead Sea Salts, Course Grain - 1Kg/2.2lbs Bag60703$20.99
Dead Sea Salts, Course Grain - 25Kg/55lbs Pail60707$289.99
Dead Sea Salts, Course Grain - 5Kg/11lbs Pail60705$79.99
Dead Sea Salts, Course Grain - 600g Bag60713$12.99
Dead Sea Salts, Fine Grain - 100g Bag60722$3.49
Dead Sea Salts, Fine Grain - 1Kg/2.2lbs Bag60704$20.99
Dead Sea Salts, Fine Grain - 25Kg/55lbs Pail60708$289.99
Dead Sea Salts, Fine Grain - 5Kg/11lbs Pail60706$79.99
Dead Sea Salts, Fine Grain - 600g Bag60714$12.99
Deodorant Liquid 1 ltr22-deo-1000$45.99
Deodorant Liquid 120ml40951$7.99
Deodorant Liquid 240ml40952$13.99
Deodorant Liquid 4 ltr22-deo-4000$155.99
Deodorant Liquid 500ml$23.90
Diffuser Brochure$2.99
Diffuser mix Brochure$5.99
Digest and detox$12.99
Dispersant 1 litre12-disp-1000$65.99
Dispersant 120mls12-dis-0120$13.99
Dispersant 240 mls12-dis-0240$19.99
Dispersant 4 Litres12-disp-4000$225.99
Essential Oil Brochure$0.00
Eucalyptus (Glob) 100ml02-euc-0100$39.99
Eucalyptus (Glob) 10ml02-euc-0010$9.99
Eucalyptus (Glob) 250ml02-euc-0250$63.99
Eucalyptus (Glob) 30ml02-euc-0030$23.99
Eucalyptus (Glob) 50ml02-euc-0050$27.99
Eucalyptus (Glob) 5ml02-euc-0005$6.99
Eucalyptus (Rad) 100ml02-eur-0100$54.99
Eucalyptus (Rad) 10ml02-eur-0010$11.99
Eucalyptus (Rad) 250ml02-eur-0250$78.99
Eucalyptus (Rad) 30ml02-eur-0030$28.99
Eucalyptus (Rad) 50ml02-eur-0050$32.99
Eucalyptus (Rad) 5ml02-eur-0005$6.99
Evening Primrose Oil 1 ltr12-eve-1000$169.99
Evening Primrose Oil 120ml12-eve-0120$20.99
Evening Primrose Oil 240ml12-eve-0240$37.99
Evening Primrose Oil 4 ltr12-eve-4000$625.99
Fennel 100ml02-fen-0100$47.99
Fennel 10ml02-fen-0010$14.99
Fennel 250ml02-fen-0250$83.99
Fennel 30ml02-fen-0030$35.99
Fennel 50ml02-fen-0050$41.99
Fennel 5ml02-fen-0005$9.00
Fir (Balsam) 100ml02-fir-0100$76.99
Fir (Balsam) 10ml02-fir-0010$16.99
Fir (Balsam) 250ml02-fir-0250$128.99
Fir (Balsam) 30ml02-fir-0030$36.99
Fir (Balsam) 50ml02-fir-0050$48.99
Fir (Balsam) 5ml02-fir-0005$9.99
Forrest Fantasy$12.99
Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) 10% in Organic Jojoba 10ml02-f10-0010$11.99
Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) 10% in Organic Jojoba 5ml02-f10-0005$7.99
Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) 100ml02-fra-0100$143.99
Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) 10ml02-fra-0010$24.99
Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) 250ml02-fra-0250$261.99
Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) 30ml02-fra-0030$51.99
Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) 50ml02-fra-0050$79.99
Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) 5ml02-fra-0005$14.99
Frosted Glass Jar / Silver Lid (30ml)60-0030-fgjsl$2.60
Frosted Glass Jar w/ Silver Lid (50ml)60-0050-fgjsl$2.70
Frosted Jars w/White dome lid 2oz/60ml60--jlid-00060$1.25
Frosted Jars w/White dome lid 4oz/120ml60-jlid-0120$2.36
Frosted Jars w/Whitelid 1oz/30ml60-jli-00030$1.30
Frosted Plastic Vial w/ Mister - 15ml44-0015-cfvcm$2.20
Frosted Vial Roll-on Bottle & Silver Cap (10ml)44-010frsc-00012$2.55
Garden of Eden$12.99
Geranium 100ml02-ger-0100$132.98
Geranium 10ml02-ger-0010$18.99
Geranium 250ml02-ger-0250$220.98
Geranium 30ml02-ger-0030$62.98
Geranium 50ml02-ger-0050$82.98
Geranium 5ml02-ger-0005$11.99
Get up and Go$12.99
Ginger 100ml02-gin-0100$72.99
Ginger 10ml02-gin-0010$14.99
Ginger 250ml02-gin-0250$131.99
Ginger 30ml02-gin-0030$25.99
Ginger 50ml02-gin-0050$39.99
Ginger 5ml02-gin-0005$9.99
Glacial Clay60872$24.99
Glass Dropper - 100ml76-drop-100ml$3.00
Glass Dropper - 10ml76-drop-10ml$1.39
Glass Dropper - 30ml76-drop-30ml$1.99
Glass Dropper - 50ml (fits 50ml & 30ml)76-drop-50ml$1.98
Grapefruit 100ml02-gra-0100$92.98
Grapefruit 10ml02-gra-0010$8.99
Grapefruit 250ml02-gra-0250$154.98
Grapefruit 30ml02-gra-0030$23.98
Grapefruit 50ml02-gra-0050$57.98
Grapefruit 5ml02-gra-0005$6.99
Grapeseed Oil 1 ltr12-gra-1000$23.99
Grapeseed Oil 120 ml12-gra-0120$6.59
Grapeseed Oil 240ml12-gra-0240$10.99
Grapeseed Oil 4 ltr12-gra-4000$87.99
Grapeseed Oil 500ml12-gra-0500$16.50
Green Heart Chakra Oil Blend40033$11.99
Happy Hormones$12.99
Headache Releif$12.99
Heavely Scent Ionizing Diffuser Rectangle$124.99
Heavenly Scent Diffuser - Square60613$149.99
Heavenly Scent Diffuser Refill Cups - Package of 660615$5.99
Heavenly Scent Ionizing Diffuser Oval$129.99
Heavenly Scent Ionizing Diffuser Square$124.99
Helichrysum 10ml02-hel-0010$166.99
Helichrysum 2ml02-hel-0002$39.99
Helichrysum 30ml02-hel-0030$454.99
Helichrysum 50ml02-hel-0050$699.99
Helichrysum 5ml02-hel-0005$91.99
Holly Oil 1 Litre12-hol-1000$29.99
Holly Oil 120ml12-hol-0120$11.99
Holly Oil 240ml12-hol-0240$19.99
Holly Oil 4 Litre12-coc-4000$109.99
Holy Grail 15ml$24.99
Home Spa - Creating Your Own Spa Experience with Aromatherapybookhs$23.90
Hubmar Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Nebulizer60616$142.99
Hydrosol - Helichrysum 1 ltr16-heli-1000$127.99
Hydrosol - Helichrysum 120ml16-heli-0120$17.99
Hydrosol - Helichrysum 240ml16-heli-0240$33.99
Hydrosol - Helichrysum 4 ltr16-heli-4000$471.99
Hydrosol - Lavender 1 ltr16-lav-1000$57.99
Hydrosol - Lavender 120ml16-lav-0120$11.99
Hydrosol - Lavender 240ml16-lav-0240$22.00
Hydrosol - Lavender 4 ltr16-lav-4000$199.99
Hydrosol - Lavender 500ml16-lav-0500$28.99
Hydrosol - Orange Blossom 1 ltr16-ora-1000$57.99
Hydrosol - Orange Blossom 120ml16-ora-00120$11.99
Hydrosol - Orange Blossom 240ml16-ora-0240$22.00
Hydrosol - Orange Blossom 4 ltr16-ora-4000$199.99
Hydrosol - Orange Blossom 500ml16-ora-0500$29.99
Hydrosol - Peppermint 1 ltr16-pep-1000$57.99
Hydrosol - Peppermint 120ml16-pep-0120$11.99
Hydrosol - Peppermint 240ml16-pep-0240$22.00
Hydrosol - Peppermint 4 ltr16-pep-4000$199.99
Hydrosol - Peppermint 500ml16-pep-0500$31.90
Hydrosol - Rose 1 ltr16-ros-1000$57.99
Hydrosol - Rose 120ml16-ros-0120$11.99
Hydrosol - Rose 240ml16-ros-0240$22.00
Hydrosol - Rose 4 ltr16-ros-4000$199.99
Hydrosol - Rose 500ml16-ros-0500$29.99
Hydrosol Brochure$2.99
Hyssop 100ml02-hys-0100$101.99
Hyssop 10ml02-hys-0010$31.99
Hyssop 30ml02-hys-0030$76.99
Hyssop 50ml02-hys-0050$87.99
Hyssop 5ml02-hys-0005$18.99
Immune Booster$12.99
Indigo Brow Chakra Oil Blend40035$11.99
Jasmine (abs) 10% in Jojoba 100ml02-j10-0100$239.99
Jasmine (abs) 10% in Jojoba 10ml02-j10-0010$27.99
Jasmine (abs) 10% in Jojoba 30ml02-j10-0030$85.99
Jasmine (abs) 10% in Jojoba 50ml02-j10-0050$131.99
Jasmine (abs) 10% in Jojoba 5ml02-j10-0005$17.99
Jasmine (abs) 10ml02-jas-0010$239.99
Jasmine (abs) 2ml02-jas-0002$59.99
Jasmine (abs) 30ml02-jas-0030$668.99
Jasmine (abs) 5ml02-jas-0005$134.99
Jasmine (sambac) 10% in Jojoba 100ml02-js1-0100$219.99
Jasmine (sambac) 10% in Jojoba 10ml02-js1-010$28.99
Jasmine (sambac) 10% in Jojoba 30ml02-js1-0030$78.99
Jasmine (sambac) 10% in Jojoba 50ml02-js1-0050$120.99
Jasmine (sambac) 10% in Jojoba 5ml02-js1-0005$17.99
Jasmine (sambac) 10ml02-jss-0010$219.99
Jasmine (sambac) 2ml02-jss-0002$62.99
Jasmine (sambac) 30ml02-jss-0030$599.99
Jasmine (sambac) 5ml02-jss-0005$130.99
Jojoba Oil 1 ltr12-joj-1000$130.00
Jojoba Oil 120ml12-joj-0120$21.99
Jojoba Oil 240ml12-joj-0240$38.99
Jojoba Oil 4 ltr12-joj-4000$520.00
Jojoba Oil 500ml12-joj-0500$71.50
Juniper 100ml02-ju-0100$83.99
Juniper 10ml02-jun-0010$17.99
Juniper 250ml02-jun-0250$152.99
Juniper 30ml02-jun-0030$30.99
Juniper 50ml02-jun-0050$46.99
Juniper 5ml02-jun-0005$10.99
Lavender 100ml02-lav-0100$34.98
Lavender 10ml02-lav-0010$12.99
Lavender 250ml02-lav-0250$75.98
Lavender 30ml02-lav-0030$26.98
Lavender 50ml02-lav-0050$30.98
Lavender 5ml02-lav-0005$7.99
Lavender Hydrosol 15ml16-lav-0015$4.99
Lemon 100ml02-lem-0100$43.99
Lemon 10ml02-lem-0010$11.99
Lemon 250ml02-lem-0250$73.99
Lemon 30ml02-lem-0030$20.99
Lemon 50ml02-lem-0050$27.99
Lemon 5ml02-lem-0005$7.99
Lemongrass 100ml02-lgs-0100$40.99
Lemongrass 10ml02-lgs-0010$9.99
Lemongrass 250ml02-lgs-0250$57.99
Lemongrass 30ml02-lgs-0030$21.99
Lemongrass 50ml02-lgs-0050$28.99
Lemongrass 5ml02-lgs-0005$7.99
Lemongrass Hydrosol 1 Litre16-lgs-1000$57.99
Lemongrass Hydrosol 120ml16-lgs-0120$11.99
Lemongrass Hydrosol 15ml16-lgs-0015$4.99
Lemongrass Hydrosol 4 Litres16-lgs-4000$169.99
Lime 100ml02-lim-0100$34.98
Lime 10ml02-lim-0010$11.99
Lime 250ml02-li-0250$75.98
Lime 30ml02-lim-0030$26.98
Lime 50ml02-lim-0050$30.98
Lime 5ml02-lim-0005$6.99
Litsea Cubeba 100ml02-lit-0100$42.99
Litsea Cubeba 10ml02-lit-0010$9.99
Litsea Cubeba 250ml02-lit-0250$61.99
Litsea Cubeba 30ml02-lit-0030$22.99
Litsea Cubeba 50ml02-lit-0050$30.99
Litsea Cubeba 5ml02-lit-0005$6.99
Love is in the Air$12.99
Luminous Lotion60963$24.99
Magical Aromatherapybookma$21.00
Mandarin (Red) 100ml02-man-0100$45.99
Mandarin (Red) 10ml02-man-0010$12.99
Mandarin (Red) 250ml02-man-0250$75.99
Mandarin (Red) 30ml02-man-0030$21.99
Mandarin (Red) 50ml02-man-0050$28.99
Mandarin (Red) 5ml02-man-0005$7.99
Manuka 100ml02-mka-0100$319.99
Manuka 10ml02-mka-0010$37.99
Manuka 30ml02-mka-0030$114.99
Manuka 50ml02-mka-0050$175.99
Manuka 5ml02-mka-0005$21.99
Marjoram 100ml02-mar-0100$171.99
Marjoram 10ml02-mar-0010$21.99
Marjoram 250ml02-mar-0250$311.99
Marjoram 30ml02-mar-0030$61.99
Marjoram 50ml02-mar-0050$94.99
Marjoram 5ml02-mar-0005$12.99
Meadowfoam Seed Oil 1 ltr12-mea-1000$199.99
Meadowfoam Seed Oil 120ml12-mea-0120$26.99
Meadowfoam Seed Oil 240ml12-mea-0240$43.99
Meadowfoam Seed Oil 4 ltr12-mea-4000$457.99
Meadowfoam Seed Oil 500ml12-mea-0500$79.99
Medieval Thymes$12.99
Melissa 100% Pure 10ml02-mel-0010$79.99
Melissa 100% Pure 30ml02-mel-0030$259.99
Melissa 100% Pure 50ml02-mel-0050$399.99
Melissa 100% Pure 5ml02-mel-0005$47.99
Melissa Mix (Melissa & Citronella) 100ml02-mem0100$77.99
Melissa Mix (Melissa & Citronella) 10ml02-mem-0010$39.99
Melissa Mix (Melissa & Citronella) 30ml02-mem-0030$43.99
Melissa Mix (Melissa & Citronella) 50ml02-mem-0050$53.99
Melissa Mix (Melissa & Citronella) 5ml02-mem-0005$23.99
Mio Diffuser Refill Pads - 10 pads per pack60612$5.49
MIO Portable Diffuser, includes & 5 diffuser pads60609$41.99
Moisturizing Lotion Unscented 1 ltr22-lotn-1000$31.99
Moisturizing Lotion Unscented 120ml$14.99
Moisturizing Lotion Unscented 240ml22-lotn-0240$12.99
Moisturizing Lotion Unscented 4 ltr22-lotn-4000$119.99
Moisturizing Lotion Unscented 500ml22-lotn-0500$19.99
Myrrh 10% in Organic Jojoba Oil - 100ml02-m10-0100$69.99
Myrrh 10% in Organic Jojoba Oil - 10ml02-m10-0010$13.99
Myrrh 10% in Organic Jojoba Oil - 250ml02-m10-0250$99.99
Myrrh 10% in Organic Jojoba Oil - 30ml02-m10-0030$36.99
Myrrh 10% in Organic Jojoba Oil - 50ml02-m10-0050$48.99
Myrrh 10% in Organic Jojoba Oil - 5ml02-m10-0005$8.99
Myrrh 100ml02-myr-0100$189.99
Myrrh 10ml02-myr-0010$29.99
Myrrh 2ml02-myr-0002$7.99
Myrrh 30ml02-myr-0030$71.99
Myrrh 50ml02-myr-0050$107.99
Myrrh 5ml02-myr-0005$17.99
Myrtle 100ml02-mtl-0100$87.99
Myrtle 10ml02-mtl-0010$23.99
Myrtle 250ml02-mtl-0250$199.99
Myrtle 30ml02-mtl-0030$31.99
Myrtle 50ml02-mtl-0050$47.99
Myrtle 5ml02-mtl-0005$14.99
Nat. HDPE Cyl 120ml (24-410)56-0120-24410$0.64
Nat. HDPE Cyl 1ltr (28-410)56-1000-28410$1.33
Nat. HDPE Cyl 240ml (24-410)56-0240-24410$0.96
Nat. HDPE Cyl 30ml (20-410)56-0030--20410$0.64
Nat. HDPE Cyl 4 ltr (38-400)56-4000-38400$2.69
Nat. HDPE Cyl 500ml (28-410)56-0500-28410$1.01
Nat. HDPE Cyl 60ml (20-410)56-0060-20410$0.53
Natural Essential Oil Dispersant 1 ltr12-disp-1000$65.99
Natural Essential Oil Dispersant 120ml12-disp-0120$11.99
Natural Essential Oil Dispersant 240ml12-disp-0240$19.99
Natural Essential Oil Dispersant 4 ltr12-disp-4000$225.99
Natural Essential Oil Dispersant 500ml12-disp-0500$35.90
Neroli 10% in Jojoba 100ml02-n10-0100$161.99
Neroli 10% in Jojoba 10ml02-n10-0010$41.99
Neroli 10% in Jojoba 250ml02-n10-0250$365.99
Neroli 10% in Jojoba 30ml02-n10-0030$59.99
Neroli 10% in Jojoba 50ml02-n10-0050$88.99
Neroli 10% in Jojoba 5ml02-n10-0005$25.99
Neroli 10ml02-ner-0010$149.99
Neroli 2ml02-ner-0002$42.99
Neroli 30ml02-ner-0030$363.99
Neroli 5ml02-ner-0005$89.99
Niaouli 100ml02-nia-0100$63.99
Niaouli 10ml02-nia-0010$10.99
Niaouli 250ml02-nia-0250$90.99
Niaouli 30ml02-nia-0030$33.99
Niaouli 50ml02-nia-0050$44.99
Niaouli 5ml02-nia-005$6.99
Nutmeg 100ml02-nut-0100$73.99
Nutmeg 10ml02-nut-0010$15.99
Nutmeg 30ml02-nut-0030$38.99
Nutmeg 50ml02-nut-0050$51.99
Nutmeg 5ml02-nut-0005$9.99
Orange 100ml02-ora-0100$33.99
Orange 10ml02-ora-010$9.99
Orange 250ml02-ora-0250$35.99
Orange 30ml02-ora-0030$29.99
Orange 50ml02-ora-0050$31.99
Orange 5ml02-ora-0005$6.99
Orange Bitter 10ml02-orb-0010$9.99
Orange Bitter 5ml02-orb-0005$6.99
Orange Blossom Hydrosol 15ml16-ora-0015$4.99
Orange Spleen Chakra Oil Blend40031$11.99
Oregano 10ml02-ore-0010$16.99
Oregano 250ml02-ore-0250$149.99
Oregano 5ml02-ore-0005$10.99
Organic Certified Essential Oil Kit$749.99
Pain Buster$12.99
Palmarosa 100ml02-pal-0100$74.99
Palmarosa 10ml02-pal-0010$12.99
Palmarosa 250ml02-pal-0250$126.99
Palmarosa 30ml02-pal-0030$34.99
Palmarosa 50ml02-pa-0050$46.99
Palmarosa 5ml02-pal-0005$7.99
Patchouli 100ml02-pa-0100$91.99
Patchouli 10ml02-pat-0010$15.99
Patchouli 250ml02-pat-0250$153.99
Patchouli 30ml02-pat-0030$43.99
Patchouli 50ml02-pat-0050$37.99
Patchouli 5ml02-pat-0005$9.99
Peace and Harmony$12.99
Peppermint 100ml02-pep-0100$34.99
Peppermint 10ml02-pep-0010$10.99
Peppermint 250ml02-pep-0250$75.99
Peppermint 30ml02-pep-0030$26.99
Peppermint 50ml02-pep-0050$30.99
Peppermint 5ml02-pep-0005$6.99
Petitgrain 100ml02-pet-0100$79.99
Petitgrain 10ml02-pet-0010$11.99
Petitgrain 30ml02-pet-0030$41.99
Petitgrain 50ml02-pet-0050$55.99
Petitgrain 5ml02-pet-0005$7.99
Pine 100ml02-pin-0100$72.99
Pine 10ml02-pin-0010$10.99
Pine 250ml02-pin-0250$104.99
Pine 30ml02-pin-030$37.99
Pine 50ml02-pi-0050$50.99
Pine 5ml02-pin-0005$6.99
Pink Cosmic Chakra Oil Blend40038$11.99
Pipette - Plastic76-drop-pipette$0.80
Purifying Foaming Skin Care60944$24.98
Rainbow Power$13.99
Ravensara 100ml02-rav-0100$99.99
Ravensara 10ml02-rav-0010$15.99
Ravensara 250ml02-rav-0250$181.99
Ravensara 30ml02-rav-0030$35.99
Ravensara 50ml02-rav-0005$55.99
Ravensara 5ml02-rav-0005$9.99
Red Root Chakra Oil Blend40030$11.99
Reducer for Vial (13-425)$0.40
Refreshing Facial Toner60953$14.98
Roman Chamomile Hydrosol 1 ltr16-cham-1000$89.90
Roman Chamomile Hydrosol 120ml16-cham0120$17.99
Roman Chamomile Hydrosol 15ml16-cham-0015$4.99
Roman Chamomile Hydrosol 240ml16-cham-0240$33.99
Roman Chamomile Hydrosol 4 ltr16-cham-4000$335.99
Roman Chamomile Hydrosol 500ml16-cham-500$41.99
Rosalina 100ml02-rla-0100$123.99
Rosalina 10ml02-rla-0010$17.99
Rosalina 30ml02-rla-0030$44.99
Rosalina 50ml02-rla-0050$68.99
Rosalina 5ml02-rla-0005$10.99
Rose (abs) 10% in Jojoba 30ml02-r10-0030$89.99
Rose (abs) 10% in Jojoba 100ml02-r10-0100$250.99
Rose (abs) 10% in Jojoba 10ml02-r10-0010$26.99
Rose (abs) 10% in Jojoba 250ml02-r10-0250$549.99
Rose (abs) 10% in Jojoba 50ml02-r10-000$137.99
Rose (abs) 10% in Jojoba 5ml02-r10-005$15.99
Rose (abs) 10ml02-ros-0010$200.00
Rose (abs) 2ml02-ros-0002$47.99
Rose (abs) 30ml02-ros-0030$597.99
Rose (abs) 5ml02-ros-0005$109.99
Rose Hydrosol 15ml16-ros-0015$4.99
Rose Otto 10% in Jojoba 100ml02-ro1-0100$439.99
Rose Otto 10% in Jojoba 10ml02-ro1-0010$47.90
Rose Otto 10% in Jojoba 250ml02-ro1-0250$799.99
Rose Otto 10% in Jojoba 30ml02-ro1-0030$157.99
Rose Otto 10% in Jojoba 50ml02-ro1-000$242.99
Rose Otto 10% in Jojoba 5ml02-ro1-0005$28.99
Rose Otto 10ml02-roo-0010$399.98
Rose Otto 2ml02-roo-0002$99.99
Rose Otto 5ml02-roo-0005$221.98
Rosehip Seed Oil 1 ltr12-ros-1000$147.99
Rosehip Seed Oil 120ml12-ros-0120$33.99
Rosehip Seed Oil 240ml12-ros-0240$63.99
Rosehip Seed Oil 4 ltr12-ros-4000$789.99
Rosehip Seed Oil 500ml12-ros-0500$119.90
Rosemary 100ml02-rmy-0100$56.99
Rosemary 10ml02-rmy-0010$0.00
Rosemary 250ml02-rmy-0250$87.99
Rosemary 30ml02-rmy-0030$43.99
Rosemary 50ml02-rmy-0050$49.99
Rosemary 5ml02-rmy-0005$6.99
Rosewood 100ml02-rwd-00100$92.99
Rosewood 10ml02-rwd-0010$24.99
Rosewood 250ml02-rwd-0250$154.99
Rosewood 30ml02-rwd-0005$45.99
Rosewood 50ml02-rwd-000$37.99
Rosewood 5ml02-rwd-0005$14.99
Round Flat Metal Tin 30ml$1.85
Sandalwood 10% in Organic Jojoba 10ml02-s10-0010$23.99
Sandalwood 10% in Organic Jojoba 5ml02-s10-0005$13.99
Sandalwood 100ml$1,353.99
Sandalwood 10ml02-san-0010$159.99
Sandalwood 30ml02-san-0030$409.99
Sandalwood 50ml02-san-0050$745.99
Sandalwood 5ml02-san-0005$97.99
Sandalwood Hydrosol 1 Litre16-san-1000$126.00
Sandalwood Hydrosol 120ml16-san-0120$17.98
Sandalwood Hydrosol 15ml16-san-0015$4.99
Sandalwood Hydrosol 4 Litre16-san-4000$471.99
Scentball Diffuser with pads60605$19.99
Scentball Refill Pads - pkg of 1060610$5.99
Sesame Seed Oil 1 ltr12-ses-1000$35.99
Sesame Seed Oil 120ml12-ses-0120$8.99
Sesame Seed Oil 240ml12-ses-0240$14.99
Sesame Seed Oil 4 ltr12-ses-4000$121.99
Sesame Seed Oil 500ml12-ses-0500$25.00
Shampoo Unscented 1 ltr22-sham-1000$25.99
Shampoo Unscented 240ml22-sham-0240$10.99
Shampoo Unscented 4 ltr22-sham-4000$85.99
Shampoo Unscented 500ml22-sham-0500$15.99
Shower Gel Unscented 1 ltr22-sgel-1000$29.99
Shower Gel Unscented 120ml22-sgel-0120$7.00
Shower Gel Unscented 240ml22-sgel-0240$12.99
Shower Gel Unscented 4 ltr22-sgel-4000$103.99
Shower Gel Unscented 500ml22-sgel-0500$15.99
Skin Renew$12.99
Smarty Pants$12.99
Soul Purpose$12.99
Spa Scenter Diffuser Pads - 10 pads per pack60611$5.99
SpaScenter Electric Diffuser60608$83.99
Spearmint 10ml02-spe-0010$11.99
Spearmint 250ml02-spe-0250$92.99
Spearmint 50ml02-spe0050$44.99
Spearmint 5ml02-spe-0005$7.99
Spikenard 100ml02-si-0100$231.99
Spikenard 10ml02-spi-0010$41.99
Spikenard 30ml02-spi-0030$118.99
Spikenard 50ml02-spi-0050$182.99
Spikenard 5ml02-spi-0005$23.99
Spruce (Black) 100ml02-spr-0100$129.99
Spruce (Black) 10ml02-spr-0010$17.99
Spruce (Black) 250ml02-spr-0250$415.99
Spruce (Black) 30ml02-spr-0030$81.99
Spruce (Black) 50ml02-spr-0050$125.99
Spruce (Black) 5ml02-spr-0005$11.99
St. John's Wort Oil 120ml12-sjw-0120$19.99
St. John's Wort Oil 1ltr12-sjw-1000$397.90
St. John's Wort Oil 240ml12-sjw-0240$35.99
St. John's Wort Oil 500ml12-sjw-0500$207.90
Starter Essential Oil Kit$399.99
Sweet Almond Oil 1 ltr12-sao-1000$33.99
Sweet Almond Oil 120ml12-sao-0120$8.59
Sweet Almond Oil 240ml12-sao-0240$13.99
Sweet Almond Oil 4 ltr12-sao-4000$111.99
Sweet Almond Oil 500ml12-sao-0500$23.00
Sweet Serenity$12.99
Tangerine 100ml02-tan-00100$37.99
Tangerine 10ml02-tn-0010$9.99
Tangerine 250ml02-tan-0250$54.99
Tangerine 30ml02-tan-0030$19.99
Tangerine 50ml02-tan-0050$26.99
Tangerine 5ml02-tan-0005$7.99
Tea Tree 100ml02-tea-0100$60.99
Tea Tree 10ml02-tea-0010$11.99
Tea Tree 250ml02-tea-0250$86.99
Tea Tree 30ml02-tea-0030$31.99
Tea Tree 50ml02-tea-0005$42.99
Tea Tree 5ml02-tea-0005$7.99
Therapy Blend Bochures$5.99
Thyme 100ml02-thy-0100$74.99
Thyme 10ml02-thy-0010$15.99
Thyme 250ml02-thy-0250$106.99
Thyme 30ml02-thy-0030$39.99
Thyme 50ml02-thy-0050$32.99
Thyme 5ml02-thy-0005$9.99
Turquoise Thymus Chakra Oil Blend40037$11.99
Vanilla 5% 100ml02-v05-0100$83.99
Vanilla 5% 10ml02-v05-0010$11.99
Vanilla 5% 30ml02-v05-0030$43.99
Vanilla 5% 50ml02-v05-0050$53.99
Vanilla 5% 5ml02-v05-0005$7.99
Vetiver 100ml02-vet-0100$275.99
Vetiver 10ml02-vet-0010$27.99
Vetiver 250ml02-ve-0250$499.99
Vetiver 30ml02-vet0030$83.99
Vetiver 50ml02-vet-0050$139.99
Vetiver 5ml02-vet-0005$17.99
Vinyl Pouch, Approx. 4"lx1.5"wx6"h - Black Finish78-bag-cv461b$2.00
Vinyl Pouch, Approx. 6"lx1.5"wx8"h - White Finish$2.00
Vinyl Pouch, Approx. 8"lx1.5"wx6"h - White Finish$2.50
Violet Crown Chakra Oil Blend40036$11.99
White Cap w/din non T/E (18mm)72-cnte-00018$0.42
White Cap w/din T/E (18mm)72-cpte-00018$0.56
White Disc Cap (20-410)72-disc-20410$0.40
White Disc Cap (24-410)72-disc-24410$0.38
White Dispensing Pump (38-400)72-disp-38400$10.12
White Lock Top (20-410)72-lock-20410$0.46
White Lock Top (24-410)72-lock-24410$0.50
White Lock Top (28-410)72-loc-28410$0.56
White Lotion Pump (20-410)72-lotn-20410$1.65
White Lotion Pump (24-410)72-lotn-24410$1.85
White Lotion Pump (28-410)72-lotn-28410$2.50
White Mister (18mm)72-mist-00018$1.40
White Mister (20-410)72-mist-20410$1.20
White Mister (24-410)72-mist-24410$1.26
White Screw Cap (20-400)72-scrw-20400$0.20
White Screw Cap (20-410)72-scrw-20410$0.21
White Screw Cap (24-400)72-scrw-24400$0.21
White Screw Cap (24-410)72-scrw-24410$0.22
White Screw Cap (28-410)2-scrw-28410$0.28
White Screw Cap (38-400)72-scrw-38400$0.25
WhiteLock top (20-410)72-lock-20410$0.49
Wintergreen 100ml02-win-0100$45.99
Wintergreen 10ml02-win-0010$9.99
Wintergreen 250ml02-win-0250$66.99
Wintergreen 5ml02-win-0005$7.99
Witch Hazel 1 ltr12-wch-1000$35.99
Witch Hazel 120ml12-wch-0120$8.99
Witch Hazel 240ml12-wch-0240$15.99
Witch Hazel 4 ltr12-wch-4000$121.99
Witch Hazel 500ml12-wch-0500$25.40
Yarrow (blue) 100ml02-yar-0100$211.99
Yarrow (Blue) 10ml02-yar-0010$29.99
Yarrow (blue) 30ml02-yar-0030$65.99
Yarrow (blue) 50ml02-yar-0050$116.99
Yarrow (blue) 5ml02-yar-0005$17.99
Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra Oil Blend40032$11.99
Ylang Ylang 100ml02-ylg-0100$115.99
Ylang Ylang 10ml02-ylg-0010$17.99
Ylang Ylang 250ml02-ylg-0250$165.99
Ylang Ylang 30ml02-ylg-0030$60.99
Ylang Ylang 50ml02-ylg-0050$80.99
Ylang Ylang 5ml02-ylg-0005$11.99
1 x Starter Essential Oil Kit
1 x Eucalyptus (Glob) 10ml
1 x Lavender 10ml
1 x Heavely Scent Ionizing Diffuser Rectangle
1 x Peppermint 10ml
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01.Black Cap w/din non T/E (18mm)
02.White Mister (20-410)
03.Amber Bottle 10ml (18mm)
04.Amber Bottle 5ml (18mm)
05.Blue Cosmo Ovals 60ml/2oz (20-410)
06.Blue Cosmo Ovals 120ml/4oz (20-410)
07.Black Cap w/din T/E (18mm)
08.White Lock Top (20-410)
09.Clear Vial w/rollon White Cap 10ml (1/3oz)
10.White Cap w/din non T/E (18mm)